Marvelous Designer study

General / 18 April 2021

Hey guys 👋
Here is some really dark digital fashion stuff for you, buddies! 🖤 Black leather bolero jacket encrusted with prints from the master of infernal arts Mark Riddick (I hope he won't be annoyed by such audacity, but I've recently become a fan of his genius)
Sewed in Marvelous Designer(CLO3D), assembled in Blender3D, and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.
I hope you enjoy it 🤍 and follow me for more at my IG

Handmade leather top

General / 25 March 2021

Versace puffer coat 🧥

General / 01 February 2021

Hey guys 👋 hope you are all good today 😌
This work was inspired by Versace puffer coat 🧥 with some investigations in materials and render techniques 🤓 which one do you like the most? 😎 anyway I hope you enjoy it 😇


One more boots 🥾

General / 19 January 2021

Hi guys👋
Today we have some experimental military boots 🥾 For conducting tactical actions against the winter depression. How are you doing with this, by the way? I hope you have successfully overcome all of this 😉
I made this artwork almost completely in Blender(only the pockets were simulated in MD) and then rendered it in a Keyshot ⛏
I hope you enjoy it 🏕

Happy New Year 🥳

General / 03 January 2021

Hi guys 👋
Happy New Year 🥳 I hope it will be super cool for everyone and you will be safe and healthy 😇
The end of the year turned out to be hot for me and there was no time for social networks at all. But now I'm finally allowed to post some commission artworks from last year. I hope you enjoy it 🙏
This one ☝️ is completely done in Blender and rendered in Keyshot 🛠 


Work In Progress / 21 July 2020

Hello everyone 👋

It's been a long time since the last post, so let's fix that. Here is my current personal project Kaneda character from Akira anime. Also, I'm trying to find a fast and fun art pipeline, this time it's looks like Daz3D(for anatomy and posing game) -> Marvelous Designer / CLO3D (for clothes(really in love with this software)) -> Maya (for UV(really painful part)) -> Marmoset Toolbag (for baking) -> Substance Painter (texturing(wanna try Designer next time...)) -> Marmoset Toolbag(for assembling, lighting and render) + Quixel Bridge(just for wow 🤩)

So cannot wait to share the result with you guys:

As always feel free to C&C 😇

Ichika Kishimojin renders

Work In Progress / 09 May 2020

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well 😉

Here is my progress with Ichika, going to post on artstation and rookies today with some improvements.




Ichika textures

Work In Progress / 27 April 2020

Hey everybody! Just finished my textures 🥵

Wanna share some previews from Marmoset and Blender 🧐

Ichika Kishimojin high poly

Work In Progress / 13 April 2020

Hi Guys 👋 

I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy

Wanna share some clay renders before retopology

Weapos for Ichika 🏹 [WIP]

Work In Progress / 10 April 2020

Progress with current project (Ichika Kishimojin from Black Torch), guns done ✅ test render with simple materials in keyshot ⚔️
My first ever experience in weapons design and blockout in Blender 🤯 next will be retopology 🥵