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Work In Progress / 21 July 2020

Hello everyone 👋

It's been a long time since the last post, so let's fix that. Here is my current personal project Kaneda character from Akira anime. Also, I'm trying to find a fast and fun art pipeline, this time it's looks like Daz3D(for anatomy and posing game) -> Marvelous Designer / CLO3D (for clothes(really in love with this software)) -> Maya (for UV(really painful part)) -> Marmoset Toolbag (for baking) -> Substance Painter (texturing(wanna try Designer next time...)) -> Marmoset Toolbag(for assembling, lighting and render) + Quixel Bridge(just for wow 🤩)

So cannot wait to share the result with you guys:

As always feel free to C&C 😇

Ichika Kishimojin renders

Work In Progress / 09 May 2020

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well 😉

Here is my progress with Ichika, going to post on artstation and rookies today with some improvements.




Ichika textures

Work In Progress / 27 April 2020

Hey everybody! Just finished my textures 🥵

Wanna share some previews from Marmoset and Blender 🧐

Ichika Kishimojin high poly

Work In Progress / 13 April 2020

Hi Guys 👋 

I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy

Wanna share some clay renders before retopology

Weapos for Ichika 🏹 [WIP]

Work In Progress / 10 April 2020

Progress with current project (Ichika Kishimojin from Black Torch), guns done ✅ test render with simple materials in keyshot ⚔️
My first ever experience in weapons design and blockout in Blender 🤯 next will be retopology 🥵